Heather’s Upcoming Workshops

Workshop Descriptions

An Overview of Structured Literacy (1.5-3 hours)

We live in a time when technology provides us with significant insights into how the brain learns to read. This, paired with years of reading research, allows us to address the alarming drop in reading scores we are seeing across North America. This workshop introduces educators to Structured Literacy (the Science of Reading), and a sampling of strategies that can be used to support reading instruction and intervention in the classroom and small group setting. The presentation takes participants through the Big 5 of reading (Comprehension, Phonemic Awareness, Fluency, Phonics and Vocabulary) and how the implementation of instruction in these 5 areas contributes to a comprehensive, research-based reading program.

6 Winning Strategies for Reading Success (1.5-2 hours)

In this fast-paced session, Heather will guide participants through 6 powerful strategies that will support reading instruction for emergent readers and those struggling in their reading journey. Strategies are drawn from the Big 5 of reading instruction (Comprehension, Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Vocabulary and Fluency) and align with evidence-based reading instruction (SOR). Participants will have the opportunity to engage with several of the strategies in the session and leave with a list of resources to explore.

Building Your Reading Toolbox (3-6 hours)

Explore a wide range of evidence-based strategies for moving readers forward in the classroom and through intervention. Activities are for emergent to intermediate readers but the workshop can be shaped to target specific grade levels and skills. It is recommended that participants engage in “An Overview of Structured Literacy,” before booking this workshop.

This is How We Teach Reading (3 hours)

Dropping reading scores, a global pandemic and the Ontario Right to Read
Report have all contributed to an indepth look at how we are teaching
reading in Canada. This session will provide teachers with the research
background that has led to evidence-based practices for reading success.
Teachers will leave the session with activities that they can use in
their classrooms the following Monday.

Effective Reading Intervention (3 hours)

Whether a Learning Support Teacher or classroom teacher, lagging
readers can be supported through appropriate screening and intervention
strategies that address specific areas of need. Progress monitoring
ensures that students continue to move forward with confidence in their
growing skills. This hands on session will leave you encouraged and
excited about the potential of all your readers.

Custom Workshops available to meet specific school or district needs

Contact Heather to discuss your professional development needs.